Praying to The Goddess of Mercy

​​When Mahita was 15, her teacher said she could see the devil in her eyes. While growing up, then raising a family of her own, she constantly fought to understand and control this ‘devil’ inside her.

She started out as a flight stewardess with Singapore Airlines and then worked her way up to Group Business Director at a leading international advertising agency. She got married and raised a family. No one suspected she was mentally ill, until the day her sister suggested she had ‘inherited Daddy’s illness’. This revelation led to a bipolar disorder diagnosis at age 42, followed by a suicide attempt where she narrowly escaped death.

Praying to the Goddess of Mercy charts Mahita’s journey from chaos to stability. It offers insights into an illness for which there is no known cause, no cure and no immunity. It will inspire and enlighten people with mental disorders and the loved ones who suffer with them. Ultimately, it is about being true to oneself and having the courage to take charge in the pursuit of happiness.

The book is available at major book shops and online. Details can be found here.​