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Established in 2000, the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund (WHCF) is an Institute of a Public Character (IPC) and a registered charity (UEN: 201940371M) under the purview of the Ministry of Health. It was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) on 28 Nov 2019 to provide greater transparency, accountability and sustainability of the Fund. As the Charity’s operating expenses are borne by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), all donations go directly to programmes to benefit our patients and beneficiaries. 


Creating opportunities for the advancement of mental healthcare in Singapore.


The Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund (WHCF) is established to receive contributions and donations for the promotion, development and provision of mental health-related services in Singapore, including:

  • ​The pursuit of medical research and development;
  • ​Programmes for continued medical, nursing, paramedical and related education and training;
  • Publication of research and educational literature;
  • Provision and improvement of equipment and facilities for research and development;
  • Holding of conferences, seminars, and exhibitions;
  • Provision of funded care to patients who are in need of financial assistance.​

Why Support WHCF

Mental illness is perhaps the least understood and most stigmatised of all medical conditions.

Today, IMH takes care of about 52,000 outpatients each year and attends to 1,800 inpatients on average every day. About 1,000 of its inpatients are long-stay patients living with chronic mental illness. For this group, visits from families are few and far between, if at all. Our nurses and volunteers have become their surrogate family. Together with staff, the IMH volunteers regularly run activities and organise outings and celebrations to keep them meaningfully engaged.

Due to mental health stigma and individual circumstances (e.g. social issues, subpar functioning and medical issues), being gainfully employed remains a challenge for many outpatients. Some require vocational support and others rely on financial support for basic needs like food, public transport, and basic amenities. Staff at IMH identify such patients and support them through various programmes.

Funding of these programmes continue to relies on philanthropic support/donations as this allows the hospital to go beyond medical treatments to better serve patients faced with other issues such as unemployment, stigma from friends and family and advancing treatments with clinical intervention pilots, research & development.

Your donations will go a long way towards supporting these efforts. 

To view the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund's Governance Evaluation Checklist submission to the Charity Council, please click here​​ (PDF, 455 KB).

Make a Donation

Donate via GIRO

For DBS/POSB account holders:

Simply log on to DBS/POSB Internet Banking to select “Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund” as the organisation to pay to under the dropdown list for Billing Organisations. You may refer to this step-by-step guide​​ (PDF, 702KB) for a quick reference.

For other bank account holders:

To make a monthly donation by GIRO, please print out, fill in and mail this WHCF GIRO Form​ (PDF, 172KB) with your WHCF Donation Form (PDF, 207KB) to the same address.

Donate via PayNow

Scan the QR Code using your mobile banking app or select PayNow and key in UEN 201940371M For tax deduction purposes, please enter the following in the reference box: IMH<space><NRIC Number>space<Contact number>.
(e.g. IMH S1234567A 98765432)

Donate via Credit Card/eNets/GrabPay

Donate via Cheque

Kindly make it payable to “Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund” and send the cheque to:
LHBM Philanthropy Department, Institute of Mental Health
Buangkok Green Medical Park, 10 Buangkok View
Singapore 539747

Please include your full name, NRIC number and contact number at the back of the cheque for tax-exemption purposes. We do not recommend sending cash through postage.

Leaving a Legacy

You can make a planned gift including CPF and Insurance to:

Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund
(UEN: 201940371M)
10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747

If you like your gift to support to a specific area or a programme under the care of WHCF or you have already make your will and have a planned gift for us, please email fundraising@imh.com.sg

Tax Exemption

You will receive a tax exemption of 250% of the value of your donation to the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund. An e-receipt will be sent to a valid email address in approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the donation is received. WHCF will submit the details of your donation to IRAS on your behalf within the calendar year of your donation. You will not be required to make a separate submit.  ​

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Please be assured that if your personal data is collected, used or disclosed for administrative purposes, we will protect it as required under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) and other relevant legislation, such as the Charities Act.Please visit IMH’s Personal Data Protection Notification webpage for more information.

If you have any further queries, or are interested to be our fundraising partner or sponsor, please contact the WHCF Secretariat through: 

WHCF Secretariat
Email: fundraising@imh.com.sg
Tel: (65) 6389 3879​​

LHBM Philanthropy​
Institute of Mental Health
Buangkok Green Medical Park
10 Buangkok View
Singapore 539747


  1. Financial Information
  2. Non-Financial Information
  3. Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund Annual Report for FY22​ (PDF, 378 KB)
  4. Woodbridge H​ospital Charity Fund Donor Report FY22​ (PDF, 1.6​​ MB)​​