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Category : Children between the ages of 3 -12 years old​​
Author : Dr Ong Say How
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Nick's always been a good child. He listens to his parents and pays attention in school. But lately, he's been misbehaving more and more! What's going on with Nick?

The I Am Healthy series comprises children's picture books that tackle pressing mental health issues facing children today, as identified by healthcare professionals from the Child Guidance Clinic, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore. Each book draws from the experiences of doctors who have counselled countless children regarding everything from digital addiction to eating disorders. Using a story-based approach, each book contains a relatable story that will help children understand themselves better, and be able to take practical steps to grow, develop and change. These books can be read together with children by parents, educators in schools, as well as counsellors and doctors in counselling sessions to help children cope with their emotions and struggles.

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