Loving a Schizophrenic (English) Loving a Schizophrenic (Chinese)

​​This is a true story written by Raymond Anthony Fernando of his wife, Doris Lau who is coping with depression and Schizophrenia. (*The names have been changed to protect the characters in the story from prejudice and discrimination). A ​heartwarming story of the healing power of love, this book chronicles the trials and tribulations of their courtship and 30-year marriage. The novel also provides an insightful peek into caring for a loved one stricken with mental illness. This is the first time that a caregiver in Singapore has written such a book and it is intended to raise awareness of mental illness from an Asian perspective.

For English version - http://www.digitalpublishingsingapore.com/lovingaschizophrenic.htm

For Chinese version - https://payhip.com/b/9YCd

For e-copy (English version) - https://payhip.com/b/bFh3

Alternatively, please email Raymond at raybeacon@gmail.com.