​We value the contributions of every staff and recognise good performance. If you are looking for a rewarding career in mental healthcare with a competitive and comprehensive compensation and benefits package, join us!

Competitive Remuneration Pack​age

  • Base Salary
  • Corporate Variable Bonus
  • Individual Performance Bonus
  • Shift allowance (for applicable staff only)


  • Annual leave
  • Family care and childcare Leave
  • Maternity / paternity leave
  • Medical and hospitalisation leave
  • Compassionate leave
  • Prolonged illness leave
  • Examination Leave

Medical Benefits

  • Outpatient and specialist consultation treatment
  • Hospitalisation benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Employee health screening and immunisation
  • Female wellness programmes (mammography and pap smear)


  • Group term life
  • Group personal accident
  • Work injury compensation insurance
  • Business travel insurance​