​​​​​All patients are seen by appointment only and may be referred by their family doctor or social agency. IMH provides specialist outpatient services for psychological and psychiatric problems. Our dedicated multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, medical social workers and occupational therapists ensure that our patients receive comprehensive care. All treatments will be designed to meet individual needs.

For younger patients, parents or guardians are encouraged to accompany their child during their consultations.

​​For further enquiries, please call:

Appointment Line: 6389 2200 / 6732 6837 (NAMS Clinic)​
Enquiry Line: 6389 2000

​From Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), 8 am to 6 pm

For appointment-related matters, ​you may use the Appointment Request Form below.​

Email: imh_appt@imh.com.sg
Please click here for a list of outpatient clinics.

Alternatively, you may consider seeking help from a mental health General Practitioner (GP) ​partner​. GP partners are medical doctors who provide both medical and physical health assessments. They also provide medications for clients who require psychiatric medical interventions. For a full list of GP partners, you may refer to AIC website​.​

1) What to bring on my first visit?
Referral documents

  • Referral letter
    A referral letter from any polyclinic/CHAS-GP (only if you are a CHAS cardholder) is required if you would like to be seen as a subsidised patient.  

Identification documents 

  • Physical or electronic Identity card (for citizens or permanent residents of Sing​apore) 
  • Birth certificate (for patients under 12 years of age)
  • Passport (for foreigners)
  • Work permit / Employment pass (if any)
  • Any other identification documents

Medical benefit documents (if available) 

  • Civil Service Card (if any)
  • Staff card (for companies which are under Hospitalization Identity Card scheme with IMH)
  • Medical Fee Exemption Card (MFEC)
  • Public Assistance Card (PA)
  • Letter of Guarantee from company (if any)
  • Baby Bonus Nets Card (if any)
  • Any other medical benefit documents

If you are bringing your child for an appointment, please complete the following registration forms and present them during your visit.

2) Is there an SMS reminder?
An SMS reminder will be sent to the patient's registered mobile number (recorded in our system) three working days before the appointment date. Please note that the option for receiving SMS reminder for appointment is not available by default. To activate this SMS reminder service, patients/caregivers may approach our clinic staff or call our Appointment Centre at 6389 2200 to activate this SMS reminder service.

3) Do you have translator as I don't speak English?
If you are unable to communicate with the doctor effectively because of language, you may inform our staff prior to your appointment so that we can try our best to arrange for an interpreter to assist you during the consultation.

1) If I would like to be seen as a subsidised patient at IMH, what do I need to do?To be seen at IMH at subsidised rates, you would need to obtain a referral letter from any polyclinic. If you are a Community Heath Assist Scheme (CHAS) cardholder, you may also visit a participating General-Practitioner clinic to request for a referral letter to see an IMH doctor as a subsidised patient. You may refer to a full list of participating clinics under CHAS here.

2) How do I make an appointment to see a doctor at NAMS Clinic for addiction problems?
If you are making a NAMS Clinic appointment, you may refer to the set of FAQs here.

3) To make a first appointment at the Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) as a subsidised patient, do I need to bring my child to the polyclinic or can I obtain a letter from other sources e.g. GP or school?

There are two ways of obtaining a referral letter to be seen at CGC:
Through REACH – If your school-going child is in a primary/secondary school or Junior College, through the school counsellor, you are encouraged to request for an assessment by the REACH team (a multi-disciplinary and community-based mental healthcare team). If specialist care is required, your child may be referred to see the doctor at a Specialised Outpatient Clinic (IMH, NUH or KKH) for further psychiatric evaluation and intervention at subsidised rates.

Through polyclinics – You may obtain a referral letter from any polyclinic to be seen at CGC (either IMH or HPB branch) at subsidised rates. If your child is a Community Heath Assist Scheme (CHAS) cardholder, you may also visit a participating General-Practitioner clinic to request for a referral letter. You may refer to a full list of participating clinics under CHAS here.

4) Can children under 21 years old consult the doctor without their parents? Will the parents be informed?
As family support is important, we require parents to be involved in the care of patients under 21 years old. However, if the child is not comfortable having the parents around during the first clinic appointment, the child may come with a trusted relative (e.g. sibling, uncle, aunt, grandparent) who is above 21 years old. However, upon seeing the doctor, in the best interest of the child, the care team may get in touch with the parents to inform them and discuss further. 

​Can I choose my attending doctor?
Patients who are referred from a polyclinic/CHAS clinic under the subsidised fee scheme are assigned a specialist for the management of their mental health condition. Patients who wish to consult a preferred doctor will have to pay non-subsidised rates. If you would like to change your attending doctor or any members of your care team (Case Manager, Medical Social Worker, etc), you may discuss this request with your doctor at your next appointment.​