​​ My GP, My Mental Healthcare Provider: A Tertiary-Primary Care Collaboration for Community Mental Healthcare  

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Category : Adult
Author : Dr Goh Yen-Li et al
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For agencies who are interested in developing such a programme to promote patients care in the community; For external parties who are keen to know more about tertiary and primary care tie-ups; General Practitioners (GPs) who are keen on joining the programme; libraries and reference text for the Graduate Diploma in Mental Health. Mental healthcare professionals, policy makers, administrators, educators, community agency counsellors, graduate and post-graduate students who conduct research on community mental health services.

This book documents the journey of the Mental Health-General Practitioner (MH-GP) Partnership Programme in Singapore's Institute of Mental Health since its inception in 2003 and how it has developed over the years as a model of successful tertiary-primary care partnership in mental health.

The programme provides an Asian perspective and showcases a successful collaboration of an integrated network between tertiary and primary care practitioners in the management of individuals with chronic major psychiatric disorders as well as individuals with minor psychiatric disorders.

It can serve as a reference guide for agencies, both public and private in Singapore as well as agencies in the region who plans to develop similar partnerships between tertiary and primary care. This book may interest audiences from various fields, medical, allied health, administration and students in healthcare and education.

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Chapter 1: Introduction: GPPP — 10 Years On - Click Here