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Category: Adult
Author: Dr Daniel Fung, Liew Shiang Hui, Germaine Tan

A short, short time to come, in a galaxy very much like our own, a small planet struggles to survive the Great Storm. The apocalyptic event of the millennia has cut the Earth's population to a third and divided the surviving populations into three pockets. From here rise our protagonists: Sha, a spunky young woman with a bright future and a traumatised past; Niel, the surviving brother of a set of twins who has hidden inner powers and Ral-D, a tortured half man, half robot who yearns redemption. What they're looking for is the Amazing Brain. This is their adventure... and yours! Is the Amazing Brain just a figment of the survivor's imagination or are there true secrets to mastering mindfulness? Here is a book that presents mindfulness techniques through comic storytelling meant for the young and the young at heart. 

The Amazing Brain Paying Attention 
Curiosity Kills 
Mind Tricks 
Here and Now 
Mindful Action 
Stepping Back 
Befriending the Difficult 
Open Your Mind 
Professor Saviour