​​​At IMH, volunteers spend time conversing, encouraging and befriending our inpatients so that they have social contact with others besides their regular care team and family members. Volunteers are also an important source of support for many of our patients.

Our volunteers organise activities and workshops, celebrate patients' birthdays, bring festive cheer to them during the holidays, and take them for outings to places of interest. Each visit by the volunteers brings joy and memorable moments to our patients. Beyond the recreational and enrichment activities, volunteers are also our greatest advocates in destigmatising mental illness.

Most recently, the setting up of Mindful Meadows, a community garden by IMH and Jalan Kayu (Ang Mo Kio GRC) allows our volunteers and patients to work hand in hand to build and nurture a green space that encourages mindful exploration of our physical and mental lives.

Would you like to be part of our volunteer team to bring hope and sunshine to our patients? Perhaps you, too, will find volunteering to be an enriching and rewarding experience!

You can make a difference in the lives of our patients!

Submit your interest to volunteer and our Volunteer Programme team will get in touch with you!

Anyone aged 17 years and above (as of the calendar year) with a desire to help can volunteer at IMH.


This is the onboarding process for individuals who are keen to volunteer with IMH:

  • Indicate your interest to volunteer with this form.
  • Our Volunteer Programme team will review your submission and contact you to arrange for an orientation at IMH.
  • During the orientation, you will be required to sign an application form, an indemnity form, and a Personal Undertaking Agreement.
Infection control requirements
To protect our vulnerable patients from infection risks, volunteers have to adhere to the hospital’s infection control measures and refrain from turning up onsite if you feel unwell. These measures may be adjusted, especially in situations such as an emerging disease or a pandemic, and may involve vaccination requirements. 

Let's grow together! Support IMH and Jalan Kayu Constituency's collaboration in our first interactive community garden initiative, Mindful Meadows ​where you will work with our patients to grow edibles and plants, learn arts & crafts, while forging new friendships!

Register your interest with this form​


  • ​Community Garden Volunteer​ [*NEW]
  • Animal Assisted Activity​

  • Art and Craft
  • Befriending (chatting and playing games with patients)
  • Support IMH events and activities
  • Exercise and sports
  • Hair grooming
  • Mobile Canteen
  • Mobile Library
  • Performing (e.g. music, dance, magic)
  • Social and recreational activities (e.g. outings and excursions)
  • Support group helpers
  • Singing and dancing with patients 


"When I first started volunteering with the IMH choir back in 2018, many patients were curious about the harp. It's something very different from what they're used to. To our amusement, they even said, 'That's the Guinness Stout logo!' Any new instrument that I bring in bridges the communication gap between me and the patients, and we carry on conversations from there."
- Joanne Gan


"When we invite other volunteers to work with us, they can see that our friends are very lively, out-going and lovable. They'll hug you when they see you and tell you all about their day. They treat everyone equally and are content with what we bring them. Nothing fancy, no need for deep pockets, just a pure heart to offer. It's been 10 years and we've met so many incredible patients and inspiring volunteers, and the hospital has been nothing but supportive of our activities." 

- Yong Kwon Seng

"I was a fledgling volunteer with IMH in 2017 when I noticed a patient who was crying alone during an event. As a naturally emotional person, my heart went out to her. I went up to her and embraced her. She looked at me and asked, 'Could you give me a minute to cry?' She then leaned on me and sobbed into my shoulder. Despite feeling a little embarrassed, I knew I did the right thing."

- Emily Tan

"Every week, I volunteer at the community garden. There are always new things to do and learn. I help to guide patients on tasks such as digging soil, filling bottles, and using the tap - activities which might seem trivial to some, but patients require help with. Everybody has a different learning curve and it's all about how we break down tasks to them. There's no rush here. It's important to be open-minded and learn how to work at a different pace."

- Chong Sze Ann​