Inpatient Charges (effective from 1 January 2024)​

IMH has about 2,000 beds spread over 50 wards. For those who require inpatient care, we offer treatment and rehabilitation programmes, set in a modern and comfortable environment. Our heartfelt wish is to help our patients return to good health in the shortest time possible.

The hospital has a range of inpatient accommodation, from private air-conditioned rooms with single beds to cubicles with 12 beds with no air-conditioning. Each ward is provided with therapy and counselling rooms, a comfortable day space and a dining area to cater for patients’ recreation and diversional therapy. Televisions are provided in all the day spaces.

The following charges are applicable for Singapore citizens and will differ for Permanent Residents, Resident Foreigners and Non-Residents. Please check with the counter staff prior to admission/consultation.

The charges shown for B2 4-6 bedded and C 8-12 bedded wards are based on maximum subsidy level. Actual charges may vary, depending on patient's subsidy level. 

All charges shown​ are inclusive of 9% Goods and Services Tax, and they are subject to change without prior notice.​​

Type of​​ Services 

Type of Accommodation 


 B1 4-bedded 

Daily Ward Fee



Daily Treatment Fee




Type of Services​ 

Type of Accommodation 

 B2 4-6 bedded

 C 8-12 bedded


Daily Ward Fee



Daily Treatment Fee



Type of Service                                                                                                                                                                                From



Actual charges may differ amongst Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents, Resident Foreigners and Non-Residents. Please confirm with the counter staff prior to admission.

Kindly take note that Sunrise Wing wards only offer B2 4-6 bedded accommodation and C 8-12 bedded wards for children are unavailable. Sayang Wellness Wards only offer 1-bedded ​and B1 4-bedded accommodation for adults and the elderly.

​A one-day ward and treatment fee will be imposed after 1 p.m. Home leave from hospital would be considered as part of the inpatient stay and will be included in the hospital bill.​

For information on Schemes & Subsidies please click here. ​

​Social overstayers are patients who have been certified to be medically fit for discharge and assessed to have a feasible discharge option but insist on staying on in the hospital.

As they no longer require inpatient care and they have access to continuing care outside the hospital, such patients will be given a grace period of six (6) days to arrange for discharge. From the 7th day onwards, they are required to pay the full cost for their hospital stay and will stop receiving government subsidies, MediShield Life coverage, Service Medical Benefits, Medication Assistance Fund Plus, and MediFund Assistance.

For example, C Class daily rates (ward charges + treatment fee) will be billed at full rates of $323.97 (inclusive of GST) per day, instead of the subsidised rate of $57​ per day.

This will help ensure the availability of hospital beds for those who require inpatient treatment and care.​