​We believe in nurturing alliances within the community. Our partners play a key role in providing support, services and a wider safety net for individuals with mental health challenges in the community.

Through our expertise and resources, we empower our partners with skills and knowledge to provide pivotal care in the community. Our partnership programmes focus mainly on 1) education and prevention, 2) early detection and treatment, and 3) rehabilitation and reintegration.​

Our Programmes​

CHAT works closely with post-secondary education institutions and social service agencies to promote early help-seeking and mental health awareness among youths. For youth-related mental health resources, please call the CHAT Hub at 6493 6500 or visit www.chat.mentalhealth.sg. To partner us in reaching out to the youths through talks and training, please call 6389 2972.

APCATS Regional Eldercare Agencies Partnership (REAP) trains eldercare agencies and family physicians in caring for elderly facing mental health challenges to ensure continuity of care for. To partner us in caring for the elderly, please call 6389 2175. For more training information, click here.

​Our Community Training arm provides talks, workshops, and counselling for corporations to support employee wellbeing. For more information on our programmes, please call 6389 2832.

Through the IMH Job Club, we work with a network of employers who are willing to support our clients’ recovery and community reintegration through employment. If you would like to be part of this network, please call 6389 2678.

The Mental Health – General Practitioner (MH-GP) Partnership Programme engages GPs in caring and managing patients within the community. As a GP partner, you will receive full support in the areas of training, on-call clinical consultation, care coordination and procurement of psychiatric drugs. To join our network, click here.   

The Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) is a multidisciplinary team that trains and works with people on the ground in supporting people with mental health challenges in the community. To arrange for a networking/training session, please call 6389 2391. For more training information, click here.