​It is our strategic vision to become the region’s leading mental health education centre-of-choice. The Institute of Mental Health (IMH), in joint collaboration with key major partners, such as the Ministry of Health (MOH), administers a comprehensive range of medical training programmes in mental health. We strive to provide the best quality of medical education and training for our staff, so that the highest standards of clinical and patient care can be provided for our patients.


​Our Education Office oversees the administration of our medical education programmes and training initiatives. IMH supports all national / cluster traineeship schemes and examinations, and also supports undergraduate medical education and training in mental health for all of Singapore’s major universities, colleges, and medical schools. Training guidelines are closely observed to ensure that trainees at IMH receive the highest standards of training and supervision. Continuous learning is also strongly practiced for all medical staff through various courses and CME talks.

Some programmes administered by IMH include the Residency Training Programme overseen by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-International (ACGME-I) and MOH, and the Seamless training programme organised with the Joint Committee on Specialist Training (JCST). Posting rotations at IMH are also arranged for undergraduate medical students.

New education programmes, such as the Graduate Diploma in Mental Health, in collaboration with NUS, have recently been introduced to provide General Practitioners with the necessary knowledge to provide quality step-down care for basic mental health needs in the community.

​Healthcare Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) visiting experts’ programmes and continuing medical education (CME) events are also arranged year-round to inculcate this concept of continuous learning in IMH.