In our Mindful Dialogues podcast, we discuss mental health issues closest to the hearts of people of Singapore. Tune in to hear real stories and discussions with mental health experts, caregivers, and persons with lived experience. Join us as we spark important conversations on mental health, lend support to those in recovery and empower listeners to make positive changes in life. Pull up a chair and take a seat. Let’s navigate these complex issues together! ​

In the first season of the Mindful Dialogues podcast, we focus on youth mental health and stigma surrounding psychosis, disclosure in the workplace and in romantic relationships.

This series is hosted by Principal Medical Social Worker, Lee Kaiyi. As a medical social worker with IMH for over 10 years, Kaiyi ​has helped caregivers and patients navigate their journey to wellness with the support of various community resources. Kaiyi is also a mental health advocate in her own time, educating others on how to be sensitive towards those silently going through challenges and helping them build healthy relationships. She is also passionate about music for its healing and cathartic effects on those who face difficulty verbalising their feelings.

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