1. Singapore Post Office 
    Payment can be made at any of the Self-Service Automated Machine (SAM) or Singapore Post Office counters. When making payment at SAM, please input the Case Number and the amount to be paid. 
  2. AXS station Services 
    In making payment at AXS station, please input Case Number and the amount to be paid.     
  3. Credit Card Payment 
    Please fill in your credit card details (expiry date and credit card number). Alternatively, you may come to one of our payment counters (listed below) to make payment. 
  4. Online Payment  
    Online payment can be made via the following websites: 
    AXS e-Station – www.axs.com.sg 
    DBS ibanking – www.dbs.com.sg 
    Singpost MySAM – www.mysam.sg 
  5. Fund transfer via FAST ( Fast And Secure Transactions) 
    Payment can be made via FAST fund transfer via your internet/mobile to the following DBS Bank Ltd: 0039273592. For prompt/correct updating of your payment, please provide us with your case/visit and contact number when making payment via FAST.   
  6. Cheque Payment 
    Cheques should be crossed and made payable to “Institute of Mental Health” Please write the case/visit number, patient’s name and NRIC number at the back of the cheque and mail it to Robinson Road Post Office, PO Box 2093, Singapore 904093.
  7. 24-Hour Convenient Stores 
    You may also pay your bills via cash or NETS at any 7-11 stores located island-wide. 
  8. Over The Counter Payment  
    For cash, cheque, NETS or credit card payments, you may approach our counter staff at the following locations: 
    • Sayang Wellness Centre Clinic @ 10 Buangkok View
    • Specialist Outpatient Clinic B @ 10 Buangkok View
    • National Addictions Management Service (NAM Clinic) @ Buangkok View
    • Child Guidance Sunrise Wing Clinic @ 10 Buangkok View
    • Business office @ 10 Buangkok View
    • Emergency Services Payment Counter @ 10 Buangkok View
    • Community Wellness Clinic (Queenstown Polyclinic) @ 580 Stirling Road
    • Community Wellness Clinic (Geylang Polyclinic) @ 21 Geylang East Central
    • Child Guidance Clinic (Health Promotion Board Building) @ 3 Second Hospital Avenue
  9. PayNow 
    To pay for your medical bill/(s), first download the PayNow mobile app with any PayNow participating banks.  Enter the unique entity number of 198702955E32B and provide “the case number or visit​ number”.  

Note: *To ensure timely capturing of your payment for your medical bill/(s),  it is important that the case number or visit number is entered correctly.  ​

For billing enquiries, you may call 6470 8128 from Mon - Fri between 8.30am and 5.30pm.