Living with Anger Issues  

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Category : Child
Author : Dr Daniel Fung, Wong Zi Jun & Koh Hui Li
Item Code : 9789814634403

Living with Anger Issues is for parents, teachers, caregivers, special needs educators or anyone who will like to know more about anger issues in children.

Every parent would have to deal with angry children at some point in the course of raising them. Anger is a normal emotion, but children are not always to control their emotions and an anger outburst can lead to a temper tantrum.

​What causes anger in children? Can anger have a great impact on their ability to function and develop normally? What can parents do to help children manage their anger? Living with Anger Issues is a valuable resource for helping parents to identify anger in their children and unders​tand the causes behind it. Parents will also be introduced to a range of techniques and resources that they can employ in dealing with their children’s anger in a safe and healthy manner.

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