The Institute of Mental Health houses 2,000 beds spread over 50 wards. For those who require inpatient care, we offer effective treatment and rehabilitation programmes, set in a modern and comfortable environment. Our heartfelt wish is to help our patients return to the pink of health in the shortest time possible.

The hospital has a range of inpatient accommodation, from private air-conditioned rooms with single beds to cubicles with 12 beds with no air-conditioning. Each ward is provided with therapy and counselling rooms, a comfortable day space and a dining area to cater for patients’ recreation and diversional therapy. Televisions are provided in all the day spaces.​

SWC inpatient


Sayang We​llness Centre is a private boutique centre with a calming and soothing ambience offers A1 and B1-type accommodation. The centre is equipped to meet the needs require attentive around-the-clock care. Our team and comprehensive programmes facilitate effective treatment and rehabilitation, assisting in our patients’ recovery.

​Patients may also choose to stay in B2 or C class wards.

B2 wards comprise cubicles with 8 beds, while C class wards have 12 beds per cubicle. Both types of wards are not air-conditioned.

This inpatient arm of EPIP, a national programme specialising in the detection and management of early psychosis, caters to individuals aged 16 to 40 years. EPIP's inter-professional team comprises peer support specialists (recovered patients) and healthcare professionals. Set in a therapeutic environment, this 24-bedded Centre offers Class C accommodation. It has specially-designed programmes for meaningful engagement and recovery.

Sunrise Wing, the only psychiatric ward for children in Singapore, is specially designed to suit the needs of children and adolescents who require more intensive treatment. This 20-bed ward has child-friendly facilities, such as an outdoor mini maze, a garden,​ a multi-sensory room and kitchenette. Sunrise Wing ​offer Class B2 accommodation for children.

Sunshine Wing is a 50-bed geriatric inpatient acute ward serving psychiatric patients 65 years old and above. The ward is equipped with elderly and dementia-friendly features and unique facilities that aim to improve their care. Recognising that holistic care is important in patients’ recovery, Sunshine Wing is equipped with facilities to support this care. They include the garden, fitness room, visitor room, therapy room, occupational therapy room, sensory room, and reminiscence room.

The Mood Disorders Unit is a specialised ward that provides assessment and treatment for complex or severe mood disorders. We provide multidisciplinary care delivered by a team of experts as well as dedicated case management. With intensive inpatient treatment and close follow-ups, we are able to customise a range of evidence-based treatments that best suits each individual. Ward activities are aimed at helping patients find ways of coping with difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and reducing some of their distressing symptoms. 

The Short Stay Unit (SSU) is designed to provide up to 72 hours of monitoring and management of patients who require short-term crisis intervention and stabilisation for their acute conditions. It is run by a multidisciplinary team who supports these distressed individuals, and works closely with families and community partners. If further treatment is required, patients will be transferred to the appropriate ward for management.

​The Serenity Centre provides inpatient treatment for alcohol, drug, gambling and other behavioural addictions a safe and comfortable environment. Patients at the Serenity Centre receive quality care and comprehensive treatment to build the foundation for sustained and long-term recovery. The ward offers B2-type accommodation (mixed gender) consisting of two beds per cubicle.

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