​​​We are pleased to have received many key awards in recognition of our dedication to promote mental health through areas such as research, mentoring and caring for our patients and the community.

The National Day Awards are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to Singapore.

​The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)   

Adj A/Prof Ong Say How, Chief & Senio​r Consultant, Department of Developmental Psychiatry

The Comme​ndation Medal   

Raveen Dev Ram Dev, Deputy Director, Nursing  
Adj Asst Prof Patricia Michelle Tan Eng Hui, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Psychology 

The Efficiency Medal   

Thomas Chng Hui Huat, Manager, Allied Health Operations  
Ang Kay Sing, Principal Occupational Therapist
Sheeba Nithya Nirubama, Nurse Clinician
Hu Xiaomei, Nurse Clinician
Yuan Peng, Nurse Manager
Jayson Sudhasan, Principal Occupational Therapist
Cheryl Seow Wan-Xin, Senior Pharmacy Technician
Tan Heng Hock, Senior Pharmacy Technician

The Long Service Medal 

Ms R Packyaletchumy, Health Attendant
Dr Kenneth Gerard Koh Wun Wu, Senior Consultant
D Nirmala Davi, Health Attendant 

NMA 2021 Chen Birong  

NMA 2021 Farhanah Bte Mohammed Rahna  

Chen Birong
Advanced Practice Nurse
Farhanah Bte Mohammed Rahna
Principal Assistant Nurse
NMA 2021 Mullath Bijuh Sukumaran Nair NMA 2021 Zheng He
Mullath Bijuh Sukumaran Nair
Nurse Clinician
Zheng He
Nurse Clinician

The Healthcare Humanity Award is a continuing legacy to the Courage Awards that were first given out to healthcare workers in 2003 for their extraordinary courage in curbing the SARS outbreak. This annual award recognises inspirational healthcare workers who go beyond the call of duty to help others. The Honourable Mention Awards recognise outstanding individuals for their selfless commitment to humanitarian efforts to uplift the lives of others.

Cheang Lai Han Audrey
Cheang Lai Han Audrey
Senior Case Manager

Aziz Bin Ab Hamed
Aziz Bin Ab Hamed
Senior Nurse Clinician

CN_Sam_Presidents Nurse
Samantha Ong
Chief Nurse​

The highest accolade of the nursing profession, the national award recognises outstanding nurses who have shown sustained performance in their contributions to patient care, education, leadership, research and administration.