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APCATS is a community-oriented psychogeriatric outreach service. It has two programmes: APCATS Clinical Service (CS) and Regional Eldercare Agencies Partnership (REAP). 

APCATS Clinical Service (CS) provides assessments and treatments for homebound or frail elderly with mental health disorders. It aims to:

  • Provide mental health services to the elderly who are frail or who have difficulties accessing mental health services;
  • Prevent unnecessary admissions and minimise the length of stay in wards / other inpatient mental health services;
  • Promote ageing-in-place in the community by supporting caregivers and reducing their burden of care.

APCATS is delivered through a multidisciplinary team comprising medical officers, psychologists, geriatric-psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and medical social workers under the supervision of a consultant geriatric psychiatrist. Its services include:

  1. Assessment
    The assessment is generally conducted in the client's home.
  2. Treatment
    The treatment is pitched at the resolution or alleviation of symptoms of psychiatric disorders, reducing behavioural disabilities, and relieving stress on caregivers through comprehensive psychogeriatric management strategies. These strategies include pharmacological, psychological and social interventions, via a range of hospital and community-based resources.
  3. Psycho-education
    Education is provided to support clients, families and caregivers to assist them to make informed choices on services and appropriate accommodation.
  4. Case Management
    Case managers conduct assessments and formulate individualised service plans. They also provide liaison services in referring clients to other appropriate services.
  5. Medication Home Delivery 
    This service is available for clients who meet the Clinical Services eligibility criteria.

The intake inclusion criteria include clients who:

  • Are aged 65 years and above  
  • Have mental disorders, such as dementia, depressive disorders and psychotic disorders.  
  • Have significant disability from their mental and/or physical illnesses and are non-community ambulant  

The exclusion criteria include clients who: 

  • Are diagnosed with physical disability only  
  • Are diagnosed with transient mental health problems and are now well  
  • Are residing in the nursing home  
  • Require mainly palliative care 

APCATS does not provide crisis intervention or one-off or / ad-hoc assessment.

In times of crisis, please  call the IMH’s emergency services for immediate attention or  the IMH 24-hour crisis hotline at (65) 6389 2222.

APCATS services are accessible to patients residing within the central region of Singapore. Patients who reside in the east and west of Singapore may seek similar services from Changi General Hospital and National University Hospital respectively. 

APCATS accepts referrals that meet the criteria set by healthcare professionals, as well as by the staff of social agencies. A referral form can be downloaded using the link below. The completed form should be emailed to us at apcats@imh.com.sg. APCATS will notify the person who made the referral of the outcome.

Click here to access the online referral form to be submitted by your healthcare professional or social agency staff. 

Appropriate charges apply. Financial assistance is available, subject to a financial assessment.

Mondays to Fridays: 8 am – 5.30 pm.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

For enquiries and charges, please contact:

Tel: 6389 2175
Email: apcats@imh.com.sg  

The APCATS – Regional Eldercare Agencies Partnership (APCATS REAP) is an extension of APCATS. It aims to: 

  • Extend partnership with community eldercare agencies and primary care practitioners to meet the psychosocial needs of the elderly in the community; 
  • Empower the community eldercare agencies and primary care practitioners to manage the elderly with mental disorders through training, consultation and support. 
  • Enhance awareness and facilitate early detection of mental disorders in the elderly. 

For more info on APCATS REAP, please click here

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