Inpatient S​​ervices

Inpatient occupational therapy services are catered to improve the functional level of children and adolescents with psychiatric, emotional and behavioural problems. Group activities enhance interpersonal skills, facilitate expression of emotions and to equip children and adolescents with coping skills. Examples of activity groups: creative expression, art and craft, cooking / self-care, social skills, and coping skills (stress management, dealing with peer pressure, etc). ​

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Individual intervention is carried out to enable children and adolescents to function adequately in the community. Examples of intervention: Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training and vocational exploration. Home and school visits may also be conducted, if necessary. ​

Outpatient Services

Occupational therapy services are carried out at the two Child Guidance Clinics at IMH and Health Promotion Board. Interventions are geared towards maximising children’s functional abilities in school. These include sensory-based assessments and interventions, handwriting assessment and treatment, social skills training, visual perceptual intervention, motor coordination assessment and treatment, etc.

Referrals for child psychiatry services can be made through IMH psychiatrists.  

The Occupational Therapy Department supports people with mental health conditions by working on their ability to carry out daily living activities, work and leisure. Occupational therapists carry out functional assessments, followed by setting rehabilitation goals and prescribing psychosocial rehabilitation programmes.​

OcTAVE Outpatient Rehabilitation Centres

OcTAVE, which stands for Occupational Therapy: Activities, Vocation and Empowerment, offers a range of outpatient rehabilitation programmes aimed at promoting community independence, providing therapeutic support, nurturing clients’ potential and facilitating their recovery.

Located in IMH, the OcTAVE Centre offers a different selection of programmes. For more information, please call 6389 2904.

The programmes available are categorised into four major domains, namely Clinical Rehabilitation, Empowerment, Vocational Training and Job Club.

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Occupational therapists work with the elderly to restore quality of life and independent living so that they can continue in their valued life roles They work with the elderly in both inpatient settings and outpatient memory clinic. Types of intervention include functional skills training and home modification, cognitive rehabilitation, reminiscence therapy, reality orientation, caregivers training and sensory-based treatment.​

For enquiries about Occupational Therapy, please email ​enquiry@imh.com.sg.

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