The Department of Psychology offers a comprehensive range of services which strives to promote psychological wellness beyond the conventional medical focus on illness. Our services span across the lifespan - from child, adult to the elderly, and also look at groups with specials needs (i.e. neurodevelopment, forensic). These are offered at both the inpatient and outpatient setting. 

We hope our services aid in promoting psychological wellness in the community, workplaces and families, to reduce stigma, and increase awareness and acceptance. Through our psychometric assessments and therapies, we look to provide clients and their caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need along their recovery journey, support their psychological and emotional well-being, and re-adjust and re-integrate back into the community.

Family Session with Psychologist ​

1) Psychotherapy Review 

After a referral to the department is received, you will be invited to a psychotherapy review session. Please note that this session is not therapy. This session is brief in nature and involves early exploration of potential client’s current difficulties and needs in order to provide assistance in matching each individual to the appropriate service or therapist. 

2) Psychotherapy (link to psychotherapy page, next document)

Psychotherapy refers to a range of psychological treatments that can help people with a variety of mental health problems and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy is offered in an individual, couple, family, or group setting, and can help both children and adults. At IMH, it is conducted by various professionals (including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, family therapists, and art therapists, etc).  For more info on our psychotherapy services, please click here.

3) Psychometric Assessment

We provide a comprehensive range of intellectual, neuropsychological, risk and personality assessment services for individuals across the lifespan to inform diagnosis, treatment planning encompassing those which are medico-legal and forensic in nature. 

​If you would like to speak to a psychologist, please approach your attending doctor to discuss about a referral.​

Psychological Services