REACH (Response, Early intervention and Assessment in Community mental Health) is a community-based mental healthcare service for students with emotional, social and/or behavioural issues. Set up in 2007, REACH aims to bring mental healthcare services into the community to improve response time and accessibility of mental healthcare to students by working closely with schools and Social Service Agencies (SSAs). In schools, students are supported by school counsellors who may consult and refer to REACH team on students' mental health needs. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of medical doctors, clinical psychologists, medical social workers, occupational therapists and nurses. ​

​REACH offers free phone consultations for School Counsellors seeking advice on the management and referral of students with mental health issues.   

Mental Health Assessment, Treatment and Intervention

Upon successful referral to REACH, a mental health assessment is conducted to assess the condition of the student. The assessments are usually arranged to be conducted in the schools although these can be conducted in the student's home or even in the SSA centres where appropriate. An appropriate treatment plan will be formulated and REACH will then collaborate closely with school counsellors and SSAs to conduct suitable school-based interventions, where appropriate. If further specialised assessment or treatment is required, the student may be referred to Specialised Outpatient Clinics (IMH, NUH or KKH) by the REACH team for further psychiatric evaluation and intervention, which may include medications, psychotherapy, and group or family work (standard clinic charges apply). 

Mental Health Training and Talks

REACH conducts specialised training sessions for our community partners to enhance their capability in identifying and managing students with mental health issues within the community. Occasionally, REACH may also provide mental health talks to schools for their teachers of students. 

To promote mental health literacy among the youths, REACH collaborated with Temasek Foundation to develop a local mental health literacy curriculum for youths. The programme aims to improve the understanding of mental health and mental disorders among youths through a series of classroom-based activities such as lectures, group discussions, etc. ​REACH has embarked on a three​-year pilot plan to deliver this programme to students from Girl Guides and Boys Brigade since 2021.

Referrals and appointments are made through the school/SSAs. Parental consent must be obtained prior to referral to REACH.​