The Aged Psychiatry Commmunity Assessment and Treatment Service (APCATS) is a community-oriented geriatric outreach service set up in 2006, to provide assessment and treatment for homebound or frail elderly patients with mental disorders. Our team comprises geriatric psychiatrists, medical officers, clinical psychologist, geriatric-psychiatric nurses, occupational therapist, and medical social workers.


The APCATS – Regional Eldercare Agencies Partnership (APCATS-REAP) is an extension of APCATS that was launched in 2008. The aims are to:

  • Extend partnership with community eldercare agencies and primary care practitioners to meet the psychosocial needs of the elderly in the community.
  • Empower the community eldercare agencies and primary care practitioners to manage the elderly with mental disorders through training and consultation.
  • Enhance awareness and facilitate early detection of mental disorders in the elderly.

With these aims, we offer training programs on dementia topics consistent with the Dementia Care Competency Framework (DCCF) set forth by the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC), as well as other geriatric psychiatry topics. Certificates of participantion will be given upon the completion of each module. All trainings and materials are in English.

DCCF Modules  

(Half-day PM: 4 hours each) 

1. Dementia education

2. Person centered care

3. Interacting with persons with dementia

4. Behaviors of concerns

5. Enriching lives

6. Care for self and caregivers

7. Palliative care for persons with dementia

Geriatric Psychiatry Modules  

(Full-day: 8 hours) 

1.Morning: Understanding depression and how to screen for depression in the elderly using the Even Briefer Assessment Scale for Depression (EBAS-DEP)

Afternoon: Understanding dementia and how to screen for dementia in the elderly using the Abbreviated Mental test (AMT)

(Half-day PM: 4 hours each) 

2. Understanding loss and grief

3. Home safety and fall prevention

4. Suicide risk assessment and management

5. Anxiety disorders in the elderly

6. Psychotic disorders in the elderly

7. Cognitive rehabilitation and activity facilitation for elderly

8. Understanding hoarding behavior

9. Elder abuse and legal and ethical issues in dementia

Some benefits for eldercare agency partners under the APCATS-REAP program include:

  • Customised training​
  • Fast track clinic appointments at IMH's psychogeriatric clinics at Clinic B (Buangkok Green Medical Park) and Community Wellness Clinic (Queenstown and Geylang Polyclinics)
  • REAP case review

For more information, please contact us at: 


APCATS, Institute of Mental Health

Buangkok Green Medical Park

10 Buangkok View

Singapore 539747    

Contact Number   (65) 6389 2175

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