​Medical Social Work​

​The “Resilience Programme” is a two-day fun learning workshop for children whose parents have a psychiatric illness. Through play and interactional activities, the programme aims to develop resilience in children and to help them understand what mental health is. The programme is also for them to learn knowledge and skills to manage everyday challenges mental health challenges as they experience it in their families. Parents and siblings are invited on the second day for family bonding activities. The programme also supports parents who wish to enhance their knowledge, skills and personal confidence in parenting.

The MSW department develops guidebooks for caregivers and runs training programmes and support groups for caregivers of persons with schizophrenia and depression. We recognise that caregivers of those with mental health conditions can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Caregivers may experience stress and burnout in their caregiving journey. This is especially, when caregivers lack knowledge and skills on what they can do as a caregiver. MSW will teach caregivers about:

  • ​​Schizophrenia and depression (causes, symptoms and treatment options)
  • Coping strategies and community resources on helping their family members throughout the journey of recovery
  • Self-care strategies
  • Mutual experiences

We partner our healthcare team to provide educational sessions to our community partners on mental health issues. These sessions can be conducted through seminars, talks or workshops. For example, we provide training on Mental Health Wellness Modules to external agencies.