​Medical Social Work​

The Resilience Programme is a 2-year intervention programme that adopts a family-centred approach to promote the well-being and resilience of the children (aged 9-14) of parents with a mental illness and their parents.

Programme Objectives:

  1. Provide age-appropriate information about mental health issues for children to have a better grasp of their parent's condition
  2. Impart knowledge and skills for children to learn and practice adaptive problem-solving strategies
  3. Deepen parents' understanding of the impacts of mental health issues on their children, and to strengthen their parenting capacity
  4. Promote the recovery of the parent with a mental illness through family psychoeducation and co-developing illness management strategies as a family
  5. To link family to suitable emotional and social support systems in the community (where necessary)

The programme is conducted through individual and family casework sessions, periodic workshops and groupwork services such as the following:

  • Couple Workshop
  • Parenting Group Work
  • Children's Group Work
  • Family Day

Please write in to admin_msw@imh.com.sg to connect with the Resilience Programme worker should you wish to make a referral for a patient known to IMH.​