​​​Psychiatric medicines have changed the lives of people with mental illnesses for the better—many people have gone on to live fulfilling lives with the help of these medicines.

As there is a wide range of safe and effective psychiatric medicines available today, it is important for you to understand what medicines your doctor has prescribed to you.

Besides knowing what they are and what symptoms they treat, it is good for you to be aware of some drug side effects, so that you will be able to talk to your doctor about them.

Adhering to medication dosages and schedules is important. If you wish to adjust the medication routine, please consult your doctor, as abruptly stopping some of these medicines may cause a Discontinuation Syndrome, with either a worsening of earlier symptoms or the appearance of other physical or psychological symptoms.


Other Important Considerations:

  • Let your doctor/pharmacist know what other medicines you are on. Some medicines have drug-to-drug interactions and may need to be avoided. This also includes informing your doctor about herbal preparations, dietary supplements and other over-the-counter remedies you may be taking.
  • Ensure you provide information about any medical/surgical problems you may have, such as diabetes, hypertension, renal or cardiac problems.
  • Inform your doctor/pharmacist if you are pregnant. Some drugs may have an effect on your pregnancy or your baby's development, and can also be secreted in your breast milk when your baby is born.
  • Always know what medicines you are taking and keep a record of the dosages you have been given and the frequency of dosing. If you are on depot injections, know the frequency of injections and maintain a record.
  • You must be responsible for your medicines. Keep them safe, out of reach of children, and in a cool and dry place.
  • Note the expiry dates of your medicines.
  • Inform your doctor/pharmacist if you have leftover medicines.

For learn more about your psychiatric medications, please visit the Medication Information section. The section will inform you about the psychiatric medications prescribed at IMH for specific illnesses, their usage and common side effects. However, it does not provide information about diagnosing mental illnesses. Your medications, dosages and treatment plans are based on your doctor’s professional opinion, which have been customised for your particular medical condition.​​