Target Audience
Allied Health, Caregivers, Employers/Corporate Professionals, General Public, Medical, Nursing, Others
02 July 2022 - 10 August 2022
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30 May 2022 - 24 June 2022
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What is Broken Crayons?

Broken Crayons is a series of co-produced workshops, created for anyone with an interest in psychosis. Whether you know someone with psychosis, have a personal experience, or simply want to find out more about the condition, this is the workshop series for you. Co-produced by persons in recovery, their supporters and mental healthcare professionals, this series provides a multi-stakeholder perspective on recovery from psychotic disorders.

Broken Crayons was first developed in early 2019 as an in-person workshop series. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been repurposed into a blended workshop series, with both in-person and online sessions. Online sessions will be held via Zoom videoconferencing platform over the following dates. In person sessions will happen on two Saturdays (2 July and 6 August). Venue will be announced at a later date. Please note that there are two parallel sessions. If you are keen, you are encouraged to participate in as many of these workshops as possible to get a comprehensive understanding of recovery from psychosis.

Workshop 1: Understanding Psychosis (2 available sessions – *2 July or 6 July) 
What is psychosis? Learn more about the causes, signs and symptoms of psychosis and hear from a panel comprising people who have been through psychosis, caregivers and mental health professionals.

Workshop 2: Journeying with Psychosis 1 (2 available sessions –9 July or 13 July)
Journey through psychosis with Jamie, the protagonist of a psychodrama, as she tries to make sense of her experience. Explore the crucial role family members and mental health professionals play in seeking help and take part in key decision making on Jamie’s behalf through this interactive play.

Workshop 3: Journeying with Psychosis 2 (2 available sessions –16 July or 20 July)
Medications, the mind and mindset. Journey through the daily aspects of psychosis. Learn more about the psychological impact of medications, what goes on in the mind during psychosis and the crucial attitude one needs to recover and grow from the experience. 

Workshop 4: What keeps you going? (2 available sessions –23 July or 27 July) 
Finding the motivation to continue an uphill segment of life may be challenging. Explore reasons that motivate people to keep moving forward in life as well as practical tips to start taking the next step towards your goals and dreams.

Workshop 5: Disclosure of Medical History (2 available sessions –30 July or 3 August)
To tell or not to tell? Through a panel discussion, hear about the various perspectives of employers, persons in recovery, caregivers and mental health professionals on self-disclosure of medical history. 

Workshop 6: Family & Friends (2 available sessions –*6 August or 10 August)
Support from family and friends is crucial in recovery. We’ll be co-creating a collaborative artwork and hear first-hand stories of how the workshop has made a difference to its participants.  

* 2 July & 6 August sessions will be held in-person.

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Anyone with an interest in psychosis is welcome. Join us for the Broken Crayons workshop series to take home insights to help yourselves or others in recovery from psychosis!
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What is co-production?
Co-production is a process where persons in recovery, their supporters and mental health professionals collaborate to create and deliver quality care and services jointly. It values the lived experience of people with mental health conditions and the different perspectives of contributing parties. In the creation of the Broken Crayons workshop series, the contributors are involved throughout the whole process of co-production, from planning and designing of curriculum to facilitation of the workshops.​​