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​​​​​​​​​​CHAT offers multiple avenues for you to get trained, reach out and contribute to the youth mental health scene in Singapore.


Keen to improve your mental health literacy, or acquire practical skills to support young persons in distress? Get trained by mental health professionals who have extensive experience working with youths. CHAT provides talks and workshops for youths and young working adults, as well as professionals working with young persons. This includes school and community counsellors, youth workers, social workers, and mental health workers.​

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CHAT Ambassadors are a group of young persons who provide insight and feedback to improve CHAT's services. They consist of both students and working adults, who are passionate about mental health advocacy and are committed to making a positive change in Singapore's youth mental health scene. Get to know our Ambassadors today! Or, better yet, join them in their cause! ​

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Have an awesome idea in your mind, but require some professional expertise to guide you along? Love our collaterals and would like to include them in your outreach and awareness programme(s)? Think that your project would benefit CHAT's clients and would like to collaborate with us?

CHAT works with various groups to launch outreach and awareness projects! Take a look at our past efforts, or get in touch with us!

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CHAT Collaterals

Use CHAT collaterals t​o help others know more about mental health! We provide various items such as pens, Post-It notes and Mini Guides to reach out to students and young working adults.

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Events & Updates

Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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What is the PRESCIENT study about? 

​When young people seek mental health support, we need to be able to predict the outcomes of their symptoms and what kind of treatments will work best. PRESCIENT will examine a range of potential risk factors for young people at Ultra High Risk (UHR) for psychosis, with the aim of creating tools to better predict outcomes and develop more effective treatments. By recruiting a large number of participants across Australia, Asia, Europe, and South America – and pooling a broad range of information about their symptoms, family history and biology –  we hope that the study findings can be used and re-used to help current and future generations.

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