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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Download CHAT’s mental health resources and share them with your friends. We have guides on mental health, how to help a friend, our mental health check, and planning a mental health project.

You can also​ download information on CHAT’s talks and workshops, other mental health services in Singapore, and practical information for educators on how to identify signs of distress in your students.​


Thumbnail Mini Guide 1
CHAT Mini Guide #1:
Youth Mental Health
Find out more about common youth mental health concerns and how CHAT can help. ​

Click here to view PDF (PDF, 1369 KB)

CHAT Mini Guide #2
Helping a friend in distress
What should you say to a friend in distress? What resources can you tap on?

Click here to view PDF​ (PDF, 906 KB)
Thumbnail Mini Guide 4
CHAT Mini Guide #3
Mental Health Work 
Find out more about mental health concerns among young working adults and how CHAT can help?

Click here to view PDF  (PDF, 2882 KB)
Thumbnail Fact Sheet-Depression
CHAT Fact Sheet: Depression
How do you know if it's just "the blues" or something more? What can you do? 

Click here to view PD​F (PDF, 558 KB)
Thumbnail-Educators Guide
Mental Health Guide for Educators
A practical guide on identifying the early signs of distress in students and reaching out to them.

Click here to view PDF  (PDF, 881 KB)
Child And Adolescents Services
Mental Health Services for young people
What services does the Institute of Mental Health offer for children, adolescents, and young adults?​

Click here to view PDF  (PDF, 492 KB)
Coping Strategies (1).jpg
​Coping Strategies
Learn better ways to manage distress and ​enhance your mental wellness.

Click here to view PDF​ ​(PDF, 218 KB)​