Talks & Workshops
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Keen to improve your mental health literacy, or acquire practical skills to support young persons in distress? Get trained by mental health professionals who have extensive experience working with youths! CHAT provides talks and workshops for young persons, as well as professionals working with young persons. This includes school and community counsellors, youth workers, social workers and mental health workers.

To find out more, refer to the below information on our talks & workshops.
If you would like to engage CHAT for our talks and/or workshops, you may submit your request or queries via our training request form.

​CHAT offers talks for audiences above 16 years old. The minimum group size is 30.
  • ​​CHAT Talk CT1: Mental Health Begins w​ith Me
    Develop a better understanding of struggles faced by young people, learn more about mental health issues as well as ways to get better.
    For more information, please click here​​​​​. 
  • CHAT Talk CT2: "I'm here​ for you, erm…"
    Develop a better understanding on how to look out for a friend in distress, offer support and talk about seeking professional help. 
    For more information, please click here
  • CHAT Talk CT3: Get Involved with Youth Mental Health   
    Learn more about CHAT's mental health check service, find out how can  you get access to information and resources on mental health, as well as possible ways you can collaborate with CHAT.
    For more information, please click here
  • CHAT Talk CT4: Transition to Work 
    Gain a greater understanding of the transition to work and its impact on us and our mental health. Learn tips on how to cope with this transition and protect your mental health. 
    For more information, please click here​.

Request for Training

CHAT offers three workshops for in-depth learning on various topics. 

  • CHAT Workshop CW1: Lifting Minds Empowering Lives (LiME)
    This workshop aims to provide young people with a better understanding of youth mental health distress, skills to support a distressed peer, and knowledge about where and when to seek professional support for youth mental health problems.
    ​For more information, please click here​
  • CHAT Workshop CW2: #OneGoodAdult 
    This youth mental health training programme will equip you with skills to help a young person in distress.
    For more information, please click here
  • CHAT Workshop CW3: Sa​fety Planning
    This youth mental health training progarmme will equip with safety planning skills to support a distressed young person at risk of harm to self.

    For more information for peer helpers curriculum, please click here​.
    For helping professionals, please click here​.

Request for Training

​​​Who are our talks and workshops for? 

  • ​CHAT's talks and workshops are designed for:
    - Young people aged 16 to 30
    - Helping professionals from social service agencies and educators from institutes of higher learning (ITE, polytechnics, universities etc.) working with young people aged 16 to 30. 
​What are the costs involved for our talks? 
  • ​CHAT's talks (CT1-3) are complimentary, as long as a minimum attendance of 30 people are met.
    In the event that less than 30 people were in attendance for the talk, fees will be incurred. 
What are the available timings for a talk or workshop?
  • ​​Talks: Tuesdays to Saturdays, between 12pm-9pm 
  • Workshops: Tuesdays to Saturdays, between 9am-6pm
  • Not available on Mondays, ​Sundays and Public Holidays. Please note that preferred date(s) & time(s) are subjected to manpower availability.
What are the costs involved for our workshops?
How many people can attend the workshop at a time?
  • To maximise the benefits of the workshop, a group of 15 to 25 participants is recommended. 
How long are the talks or workshops?
  • The duration of each talk or workshop differs. Please refer to the ED for more details. 
How are the talks or workshops delivered?
  • Our trainers can deliver the talks virtually or in-person at a venue provided by you. ​
How can we sign up? 
  • You can sign up through the training request form. To ensure sufficient time for preparation, please submit the form at least 1 month prior to your preferred training date(s). 
Can we request for a customised talk or workshop?
  • ​Unfortunately, CHAT is unable to conduct customised talks or workshops at the moment. 
Will there be a certificate issued at the end of the workshop?
  • A digital certificate of participation will be issued to participants after completion of the workshop.
Can I sign up for CHAT's talks or workshops as a member of public?
  • Our apologies, currently CHAT can only accept requests from organisations. ​​​​