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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IT IS OKAY

to seek help if you are having difficulties coping with your thoughts and feelings, or your daily life. You may want to reach out to the support systems in your life, i.e. your friends, family, school counsellor, or even a mental health professional to help you through.

IT MAY BE A BUMPY RIDE. You may have to persist through treatment sessions before you see results. You may even have to switch a few mental health professionals before you can find someone with the "best fit". However, taking charge of your mental wellbeing is important and essential to living well.

​Mental health check​

CHAT provides personalized and confidential mental health checks for young persons between 16 and 30 who are currently living in Singapore. Through the mental health check with our qualified mental health professionals at CHAT, you could gain an understanding of what's happening and explore ways to make it better. Learn More.

Operating hours: Tues - Sat: 12pm - 9pm (excl. Public Holidays)

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​CHAT provides webCHAT as an alter​native platform for young people to get in the moment support for their emotional concerns. Our mental health professionals are here to help young people gain better clarity of their situation, to get the support that they need.

Operating hours: Tues - Sat: 1pm - 8pm (excl. Public Holidays)​

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