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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought greater awareness to mental health. Young people, in particular, are more open to talking about their mental health, but if they need to find a listening ear for their stress after office hours or late on Saturday night, where can they find the support? In this episode, ST senior health correspondent Joyce Teo finds out more about a new after-hours support service from CHAT, called Chatline. She hosts three guests in the studio. They are Ms Lee Yi Ping, the Programme Lead for CHAT, Ms Sheryl Yue, a youth volunteer at CHATline and Ms Ashley Poo, a student who’s a CHATlline client.​

Listen to the podcast here​.

In collaboration with RICE Media, Thriving in Transition is a series dealing with how we make meaning of our individual experiences and emotions through finding solace in the support of others, no matter how daunting it can be to reach out. ​

Loneliness is a common phenomenon, especially in the midst of transition. How can we navigate and overcome this challenging period and emerge better off? Follow the journeys of four young Singaporeans as they make meaning of their loneliness and solitude. Read more here.

It can be hard to open up about our mental health issues, especially to our parents, who may not always understand. Ilyas Sholihyn pens a touching letter to his parents, telling them about his passive suicidal ideation and suggesting ways in which for them to move forward together. Read it here.​

Mental health is a buzzing topic, and social media is full of resources. But how can we use social media in a way that helps and not hinders our journey to mental wellness? Zachary speaks with Dr Jayne, a consultant at CHAT, to find out more. Read it here.​

​CHAT Ambassador Wan Sing shares about her mental health struggles and how she journeyed towards better mental health with the help of her parents and CHAT. Read the full article here: 2023 03 Wan Sing_IMH Imagine Feature.pdf

​​We worked with RICE Media to produce insightful content on mental health and help-seeking.

1. What does it truly mean to stay strong in the face of adversity? From practical tips to inspiring stories, discover how different individuals navigate life's challenges and emerge stronger than ever. Read more ​here.

2. Curious about what it's like to get your mental health checked for the first time? This writer provides a firsthand account and his reflection, read it here.

3. From improved coping skills to enhanced self-awareness, discover how therapy positively impacted this writer's life, and his journey of growth and healing that followed. Read it ​​​​​here.

4. Unsure about therapy? Join the conversation as we present the verdict on therapy from your peers. Gain insights into how young people perceive and engage with mental health support, and learn about the diverse experiences and perspectives shaping the modern approach to therapy. Watch it here.​