Our Child Guidance Clinics (CGC) support children and youths under 18. Children facing emotional or behavioural challenges can find support at either of our clinics at Buangkok Green Medical Park, and Health Promotion Board at Outram Road. We strongly encourage parents or guardians to accompany their child for consultation.


The CGCs specialise in:

Neurobehavioural Clinic (NBC) - Autism Services are for children between 6-18 years old who are along the autism spectrum. Children are referred to us from other hospitals, polyclinics, general practitioners, and schools, or may be self-referred.

Neurobehavioural Clinic (NBC) - ADHD Services offer specialised multi-disciplinary assessment and therapy for children and youth with ADHD and related mental health challenges. Through parent education and workshops, we work collaboratively with parents and caregivers in supporting their children’s needs.

The Mood & Anxiety Clinic (MAC) provides comprehensive assessment, treatment and intervention for children struggling with mood, anxiety, and other related emotional conditions that require closer attention.

Forensic Rehabilitation, Intervention, Evaluation & Network Development Services (FRIENDS) integrates multi-disciplinary assessment with intervention services with goal of supporting:

  • Young offenders
  • Youth at risk of committing offences
  • Victims of child abuse
  • Children and parents involved in complex custody and access disputes

We strongly encourage parents or guardians to accompany your child for consultation.

Please click here for contact details and locations of the clinics.

Child Guidance Clinic, IMH

Institute of Mental Health
Buangkok Green Medical Park
10 Buangkok View, Block 3, Basement 1
Singapore 539747

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Child Guidance Clinic, HPB

Health Promotion Board Building
3 Second Hospital Avenue, #03-01
Singapore 168937

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