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This series of videos aim to increase the awareness of commonly known mental conditions, reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and promote mental health and wellness. It is also important to recognise when you may need help from a professional. Recovery is possible with early detection and treatment.


Feeling safe: Rich ideas against poor mental health
Uploaded on 8 May 2020
Want to help your child build mental resilience? Looking for tips on helping your child cope with stress? Children need to be physically healthy, feel safe, have fun and have good peer and family relationships. But, how do you create the environment to enable all these to take place? Be sure to have a good understanding of yourself before you try to know your child. In this video, learn what the acronym FREE stands for and cultivate the 7 habits for yourself that will empower you to help your child.

Out Of Touch With Reality
Uploaded on 8 May 2017
Ode to Doris
Uploaded on 14 Oct 2016
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