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Overcoming anxiety disorders

Anxiety is a normal everyday experience. Optimal amount of anxiety will in fact motivate one to perform better.

In Generalised Anxiety Disorder, the anxiety symptoms occurs most of the day, persistent and may not be restricted to any particular environmental circumstances (ie. Free-floating).

Symptoms / What to expect

The physical symptoms of anxiety are muscle aches, tremors, palpitations, breathless, stomach upset, frequent urination, falling sick more often, sweating dizziness etc…
The psychological symptoms of anxiety are irritability, feeling sad, restlessness, excessive worrying, panicky, crying, poor concentration and memory.


  • Genetic – may have a familial inheritance
  • Biochemical – Hormonal and chemical imbalance, eg, Nor-adrenergic system
  • Cognitive – misinterpreting physical sensation as threatening or having a serious medical condition

Treatment / Help available

Bio-psycho-social intervention.

Seek treatment early. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Help is available and effective.

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