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Alice Chen

Age: 40


I am 40 years old this year and I have been living with depression since 2008. Through this project, I want to let the public know that despite my mental illness, I have dreams and wishes like everyone else. I also hope to highlight that people with mental illness are not born this way and that it is often triggered by environmental factors and stress.

Lastly, I hope that people with mental illness do not give up on their dreams and wishes. I believe that if we work hard and strive, we will eventually achieve what we want in life!




Like the ashes, my illness is being burnt away. Now, all that is left are my dreams and wishes for something better in my life.


Happy Fathers’ Day

I lost my parents when I was young and I never really had a chance to call someone mum or dad. On Father’s Day this year, I made this cake with some of my friends at the Activity Centre as it reminded me of my wish to have someone whom I could call father.


Musician Dream                                      

I’ve always wanted to be a musician and with this organ, I will be able to fulfill this dream once I learn how to play it well.


Happiness and Calmness

I may not always feel happy and calm, but looking at these fishes cheer me up and make me feel at peace. I wish I can stay happy and calm most of the time.



Meet my Hello Kitty family. Although I may not have a real family with me right now, I hope that I will someday.


Innocence & Purity            

Like a child, I wish to have innocence and purity.  


A member of National Healthcare Group ISO   Comm Chest Award Bronze