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Age: 25
Schizo-affective Disorder

Hi, my name is KT. It was by pure chance and fate that I managed to outgrow this illness within me. But as the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” I have to constantly remind myself to take my medication and maintain my sanity or my schizo-affective disorder WILL catch up with me, as it has happened before.

My life went into ruins when I was 15 and became mentally unstable…. Now that a decade has passed, I feel that the path that I had taken might have been tougher than that taken by most people, but that it is “ok” overall, and that I just have to remind myself to avoid self-pity whenever something bad happens.




This photo is taken along the corridors of IMH. I know photography is usually not allowed in IMH, but I had special permission. I’d like to break down the symptomatic part of my illness; the existence of a belief system that misinterprets. If I were to believe that I’m actually behind a larger area instead of a smaller area with nothing in it to the opposite of it, I would actually feel more relieved. If I were to believe that there is definitely something better at the end of the path, I would run with all my energy and stop only when I can no long continue, instead of simply standing still because of doubts. If I were to believe that no one is staring at me and talking about me, I would feel relieved and normal despite of what I really am. If I were to teach myself to think and act like normal people and at the same time forget about how I behave when I was insane, I believe I will be able to lead a normal life.



Yellow Fishing Line Holder

Ok, this might sound strange – I felt odd and embarrassed that nobody else around me would have wanted to take photos like that. Somehow I just like the fact that my fishing line holder was sitting down quietly and patiently waiting for a fish to get hooked. It felt very serene. In a way, fishing is cheap and easy and can be boring, like my life, but at the same time I was very much anticipating what interesting things life can throw at me.



Binding Ties

Marriage itself is a gift for normal people but a curse for people like me. The complications of such a curse, is that partly it is harder to maintain than the marriages between normal people. Although I have the fear of passing down the genes to my future generations, I still wish to settle down to a peaceful family with schiz-free children... the thought of marriage is like opening a Pandora’s Box...



Paths 1 / Path 2

Path 1 and Path 2 are two different paths, one man-made and one natural. They have one thing in common. God made them possible. Their existence has no meaning if no one believes that they are meant for people to travel. Sometimes for people like us, we see the paths that normal people traverse on… but it doesn’t mean it will be easy or meant for people like us. For me, it is and will be a challenge to face what normal people do. It might seem strange, but certain occasions require me to walk on the natural paths which direct me to understanding and enlightening myself, which do not happen to normal people.

A member of National Healthcare Group ISO   Comm Chest Award Bronze