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Age: 53
Anxiety disorder

The imminent shadow

It started during the economic downturn in 2002 when I was laid off as a Webmaster and remained jobless for 14 months. Household bills were mountain high. Financial problem created a chunk of stress and was a major source of arguments between my wife and I. At that time, I began having suicidal thoughts. I felt scared and was constantly worried about what might happen next.

The panic attacks occurred mostly at night at 2 or 3am, with fears so intense that I felt I was either going to have a heart attack or simply collapse. Cold sweat trickled down my palms as I paced endlessly up and down the hallway. Never had I experienced such intense feelings, as if I was going to die. The imminent shadows of an attack were unpredictable. They could occur at any time of the day.



stigma (the impact)

The impact of stigma has adverse effects on the individual. In struggling with the illness, the person has to come to terms with it and overcome the stigma. Once his condition stabilises, he can face the effects of stigma and begin the recovering journey.



escalator (the stabiliser)

Life is like an escalator of human traffic, traveling upstream and downstream. It is about facing with courage, the ups and downs in our daily endeavours We face them every day in our dealings with people from all walks of life. Whatever comes, we should face them with an open heart and a smile.



doors (the change agent)

Doors create opportunities of hope. A symbolic artifact grounded to find directions. Take small steps, one at a time, to find the right footing. It was not easy to try, but little by little and gradually, I conquered them one by one. The achievements build confidence and I feel a sense of fulfillment. We owe no one except our own beliefs to find a direction and obtain what we want in life.



people@food (the integration)

Looking at people at food outlets somewhat explains how people interact as social beings. It is not what they are but rather who they represent, functioning in a socially constructed space. We try to adapt to situations and to integrate into the community.



denim jeans (the resilient)

The resilient person is represented by denim. After going through challenging endeavours, one builds a defence. This shield of resilience makes a person stronger and more focused to soldier on with any obstacles. He is able to regulate emotions and see failure as a form of helpful feedback.



A member of National Healthcare Group ISO   Comm Chest Award Bronze