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Age: Mid 30s
Depression & Schizophrenia


I am a female patient in my mid-30s suffering from depression and schizophrenia. All the items captured in the photos are representations of my life journey, the emotional struggles, the challenges in life and the difficulties I encounter while I learn and work with people in this world.

Above all the bitterness and sufferings of the illness, I tasted some sweetness in the later part of my life. Hopefully in the end, I will fulfill my dreams and attain “immortality” (get well!).




With depression, my hands often get cold easily and these gloves keep my hands warm.


Coloured pens

These are the coloured pens that I often use to pen down my thoughts and feelings. All the different colours represent the emotions and feelings that I have.




The pills I take are so bitter that I usually take a spoonful of the sweet jam to neutralise the bitterness.



Mouldy Bread

Mental illness is like this piece of mouldy bread. If we do not seek help and treatment, it will get worse and eventually everyone will reject you and throw you away.



Needle and pills                                                 

To cope with my illness, I have to take these pills and inject myself everyday.



Rubbish Bin

Like rubbish being thrown into the bin, this is how I feel at times as a person living with mental illness.



Toilet Paper                      

Like this toilet paper, as a person with mental illness, I may be dull and unattractive, but I am still an essential and useful part of the society.



Broken Phone

I often experience the feeling of being cut off on the phone. I am not sure if it’s real discrimination that I face or a feeling that I get because of my depression.


A member of National Healthcare Group ISO   Comm Chest Award Bronze