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Age: 23
Mild psychosis & Anxiety Disorder



Having a mental illness does not mean I've deviated from the norm, that I'm kooky up there, or that I cannot live an ordinary life. Instead, it makes me conscious of the ordinary things in my life, as the pace of everyday living slows and I come to appreciate my common surroundings and the common people.

Being ordinary is a form of happiness. There are no major occurrences in life. Life is peaceful, stable, and time seems to come to a standstill. I am safe, secure and contented with the mundane reality of life.

My name is Prickly and I am your average girl on the street. My likes are simple and interests, few. Before being diagnosed, I was living in my own ignorant world, but after knowing I had developed mild psychosis and anxiety, the boundaries of my mind have been infringed upon and provoked. However, it made me see how life still goes on, very ordinarily. Time still crawls or speeds past and I am still the Prickly others see and know me to be.

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A member of National Healthcare Group ISO   Comm Chest Award Bronze