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Visit IMH Programme for Organisations and Schools


If you represent an organisation or a school, join us on a visit to learn about the evolution of mental health services and the major developments in the mental health landscape in Singapore. We offer a comprehensive programme that will allow you to:

  • Get a glimpse of patient life
  • Debunk myths about the mentally ill
  • Better understand the plight of our patients
  • Learn about common mental conditions
  • Embark on a historical journey through IMH
  • Be introduced to our facilities
  • Explore CIP opportunities through volunteer activities

Sample Programme




Arrival of Visitors


Welcome and Overview of IMH


Video Presentation




Tour of IMH 
Clinic B -> BizLink Cafe -> Woodbridge Museum  


End of Visit




Clinic B

Specialist Clinic B provides outpatient psychological and psychiatry services to subsidised patients. It also has a 24-hour emergency service.

Bizlink Cafe 

Bizlink Cafe 

BizLink Café, a self-service food and beverage (F & B) kiosk located in the IMH Main Lobby, was launched in January 2013. A collaboration between BizLink Centre Singapore Limited and IMH’s Occupational Therapy Department, the Café and its backend kitchen serve as platforms for patients recovering from mental illness to undergo vocational training. Patients can choose to be trained either as service crew or as kitchen assistants, and receive valuable F & B skills training aimed at preparing them for open employment in this industry. 


Woodbridge Museum

Take a walk down memory lane when you visit our Woodbridge Museum. Learn about the history of the Old Woodbridge Hospital and view artefacts and post-mortem instruments used during the Japanese Occupation.


Woodbridge Hospital Heritage Corner

Displayed in this courtyard are relics of the old Woodbridge Hospital, then named the ‘Mental Hospital’. It was built in 1928 as an asylum with 24 wards to provide custodial care for the mentally ill. The old Woodbridge Hospital was closed in 1993 with the opening of the new IMH/Woodbridge Hospital. A selection of doors and windows used in the old hospital have been preserved here as reminders of its heritage.

*Above tour stops are subject to change without prior notice. We apologise that we are unable to host visits from individuals, due to resource constraints. Visitors should arrange to visit as a group. 

Sharing by Caregivers and Recovering Patients

Coping with and conquering mental health illness is not easy, but many of our patients have successfully done so, thanks to their determination to recover and to strong support from their family. Caregivers can face immense challenges when caring for loved ones suffering from mental illness. Many of these patients and caregivers have become advocates of mental health and openly share their stories with the intention of destigmatising mental illness and inspiring others. 

For more information, please contact the Corporate Communications Department. Due to limited availability, please send in your visit request at least one month before the date of the visit.

If you are representing an organisation, please contact Ms Geri Loi at Geraldine_CL_LOI@imh.com.sg.
Pls note the number of visitors is capped at 30pax for each corporate visit.

To organise a school visit, please contact Ms Pameline Kang at Pameline_Peixin_Kang@imh.com.sg.

General Visiting Hours: Mondays–Fridays, 10am to 5pm (excluding weekends and public holidays).

If your organisation would like to make a difference in the lives of our patients, you could either make a donation to our Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund or share some of your precious time by volunteering with the patients.

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