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COVID-19 Care Kit for Special Needs Individuals

In this current pandemic situation, there are vulnerable populations who may be suspected of or diagnosed with COVID-19. Given that it can be an anxiety-inducing experience for individuals with special needs as well as their caregivers, they may require additional support to understand what is happening or is going to happen to them. This will help the individuals cooperate and cope better with the procedures of vaccination, testing, diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, frontline healthcare workers may not have the experience and know-how in managing these individuals. This can also increase their stress in an already demanding work environment for the healthcare workers.

This set of materials aim to provide support for individuals with special needs who have to go through COVID-19 procedures. Clinical staff will also be able to use the materials to better communicate with and manage individuals with special needs presenting in their care, from the PHPCs, to ambulance staff, emergency rooms, and admission in the isolation wards. The materials are visually-enhanced, which can be used for individuals with special needs, intellectual disabilities, or any person who have limited communication and language ability to interact with the clinical staff.

We hope these materials can not only support the vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also becomes a resource for the different agencies/organisations beyond the current situation, as we strive to build an inclusive society.

 Special COVID-19 Care Kit

Special Care Kit _Vaccination Management 

For use by caregivers and healthcare workers who are preparing individuals with special needs for COVID-19 vaccination.

Special Care Kit _Complete Set

For use by healthcare workers, caregivers and individuals with special needs at PHPC clinics and hospitals/isolation wards to better understand and manage processes related to COVID-19 testing and admission.

Special Care Kit _PHPC

For use at PHPC clinics for individuals with special needs to manage anxious reactions and better understand the journey to the emergency ward for COVID-19 testing.

Special Care Kit _Caregivers

For use at home by caregivers to help their child manage anxious reactions and better understand the journey to the emergency ward for COVID-19 testing.

Special Care Kit _Hospitals and Isolation Centres

For use at hospitals/isolation wards for individuals to better understand the admission and testing processes for COVID-19.

Special Care Kit _Daily Management

For use by individuals staying at hospitals/isolation wards to help with their daily routine and communication of their needs to attending healthcare workers.

This educative video takes one through the the journey in the emergency department of a general hospital.




The above resources were are put together with support from the Ministry of Health (MOH), in collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health, National University Hospital and KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

For enquiries, please email dcap@imh.com.sg



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