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OcTAVE Outpatient Rehabilitation Centre

OcTAVE, which stands for Occupational Therapy: Activities, Vocation and Empowerment, offers a range of outpatient rehabilitation programmes aimed at promoting community independence, providing therapeutic support, nurturing clients’ potential and facilitating their recovery.

Located in IMH, the OcTAVE Centre offers a different selection of programmes. For more information, please call 6389 2904.

The programmes available are categorised into four major domains, namely Clinical Rehabilitation, Empowerment, Vocational Training and Job Club.


1. Clinical Rehabilitation

Our clinical rehabilitation programme consists of group psychosocial interventions aimed at empowering clients to manage their own health and well-being. This supports their recovery and enables them to pursue a meaningful life.  

Participants are required to apply what they learn in the activities and skills training, and share their experiences in group sessions. As such, a proactive attitude is very important.   

Octave Centre_Clinical Rehab   

Group programmes available are: 

  • Illness Self-Management and Recovery (ISMR) – this aims to equip clients with knowledge, personal strategies and coping skills to manage their symptoms and reduce relapses to achieve their personal goals; 
  • Cognitive Remediation – using computer programmes and group exercises, this aims to improve attention, memory, problem solving skills and impart thinking skills strategies to achieve vocational competence and community living skills; 
  • Mindfulness – using a range of mindfulness practices, this aims to equip clients with the skills to manage emotional states so as to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.  


2. Empowerment

The Empowerment programme aims to provide rehabilitation and promote recovery in persons with mental health conditions through the use of meaningful activities. We provide a safe environment for personal and skills development through a variety of activities. Clients are encouraged to take an active role in their rehabilitation and recovery and can sign up for activities of their choice each week.  

Octave_ group picture   

• Craftwork 
• Sports/Gym/Dance 
• Cooking/Baking 
• Team building activities
•  Community outing/ volunteering opportunities  
• Relaxation 
• Basic computer skills
• Pushcart
• Recovery oriented group session (led by a peer support staff) 


We network and collaborate with agencies/ organisations in the community to provide volunteering opportunities for our clients to promote skills development and community integration. 


3. Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational training serves as a rehabilitation platform for persons with psychiatric conditions, prior to them seeking competitive employment in the community. Clients who have been unemployed for long periods and who have low confidence levels will benefit from this programme. Upon completion of the programme, occupational therapists will facilitate clients’ transition to Job Club services for employment assistance.  

Programme objectives: 

Octave_Vocational Training    • To equip clients with the skills relevant to an industry;
• To improve work behaviours (e.g. work habits, work endurance and social skills);
• To facilitate reintegration into competitive employment; and
• To improve the clients’ tolerance and confidence levels for work.

We offer vocational training programmes in the following areas:
• Food and Beverage
• Retail
• Basic administration/reception
• Cleaning


4. Job Club

Job Club is a one-stop centre which assists clients with their employment needs. Run by vocational specialists and job placement officers, the team provides vocational counselling and assessment, as well as job-matching. During job-seeking and placement process, the team works closely with both employers and potential employees to ensure job fit and placement success.

OcTAVE_Job Club    Programmes and services available at Job Club:
• Individually-tailored rehabilitation counselling
• Job preparation
• Support groups
• Job placement support for clients and employers
• Employer education workshops


 Click here to learn about Job Club. 



If you are interested in these programmes, please ask your psychiatrist for a referral to OcTAVE. We also accept clients who are seeking treatment at other psychiatric facilities.

You will be required to attend an appointment for an initial assessment that will help us understand your goals in life. This guides your rehabilitation and treatment goals.  We encourage you to bring your family members along for this assessment.

For enquiries about Occupational Therapy, please call 6389 2904 or email enquiry@imh.com.sg


Buangkok Green Medical Park 
10 Buangkok View
Singapore 539747
Tel: 6389 2904
Buses: 88, 43, 109, 101, 156, 159, 161, 325

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