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Partner Us

IMH actively seeks to widen its network of community alliances to provide a safety net in the community for those with mental health problems. Our partners play a critical role in the provision of mental health support in the community.

Partnership programmes are available in the areas of i) education and prevention, 2) early detection and treatment, and 3) rehabilitation and reintegration. These programmes provide organisations with the opportunity to leverage on IMH’s expertise and resources to empower their staff with skills and knowledge to facilitate care in the community.

Our Programmes:  

  • For Youths

    Chat hub

    The Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT) works closely with post-secondary educational institutions (PSEIs) (i.e. polytechnics, universities and vocational institutions), social agencies and voluntary welfare groups to promote awareness of mental wellness among youths, help them to be aware of mental health services available to them, and encourage them to seek help early if they have mental or emotional health issues. To find out more about youth mental health resources, please call the CHAT Hub at 6493 6500 or visit www.chat.mentalhealth.sg. To partner us in reaching out to the youths through talks and training, please call 6389 2972.
  • For the Elderly


    APCATS Regional Eldercare Agencies Partnership (REAP) partners community eldercare agencies and family physicians for training, consultation and support. The team also assists in the coordination of services to improve the continuity of care for the elderly with mental illnesses in the community. To partner us in improving mental health care for the elderly, please call 6389 2175. For more training information, click here.
  • For Corporations

    Job preparation class

    Our Community Training arm provides emotional wellness services through talks, workshops, and counselling helplines for corporations and employees, with more than 5,000 employees under our care.  For more information on our programmes, please call 6389 2832.

    Job Club supports patients in their recovery by providing employment opportunities through job placements. The club promotes vocational rehabilitation that addresses the biological, psychological and social needs of clients while helping them to get ready for employment. It seeks to grow and support a network of employers who are willing to give people with mental illness a chance to reintegrate back into the community. If you would like to be part of this network, please contact 6389 2678.
  • For General Practitioners
    The Mental Health – General Practitioner (MH-GP) Partnership Programme involves GPs in the care and management of stable patients with chronic mental illnesses and other minor psychiatric disorders.  With a strong network of primary care providers, people with mental illness can be better managed in the community where it is more convenient and carry less stigma. As a GP partner, you will receive full support in the areas of training, on-call clinical consultation, care coordination and procurement of psychiatric drugs. To join our network, please call 8488 3055 or email IMH-GPP@imh.com.sg. For more training information, click here.   
  • For the Community-at-large
    The Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) is a multidisciplinary team that delivers care to adult persons with mental illness (18 to 65 years old) in the community. The team regularly networks with community partners to equip their frontline staff to better support people with mental illness in the community. To arrange for a networking/training session, please call 6389 2391. For more training information, click here.
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