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We are pleased to have received many key awards in recognition of our dedication to promote mental health through areas such as research, mentoring and caring for our patients and the community.

President Award for Nurses 2019

CN_Sam_Presidents Nurse 
Samantha Ong
Chief Nurse

     The highest accolade of the nursing profession, the national award recognises outstanding nurses who have shown sustained performance in their contributions to patient care, education, leadership, research and administration. 

National Day Awards 2020

The National Day Awards are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to Singapore.

The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)  
Samantha Ong, Chief Nurse
Dr Eu Pu iWai, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer

The Commendation Medal   
Soh Lay Beng, Head, Pharmacy
Lee Soh Leh, Assistant Director, Nursing Administration

The Efficiency Medal   
Emily Liew Kai Suen, Principal Pharmacist (Specialist)
Mavis Seow Yee Ling, Deputy Head and Principal Clinical Psychologist
Hou Yanli, Senior Nurse Manager
Lea Cathrine Valerio Villaroman, Senior Pharmacy Technician
Chee Kok Seng, Principal Pharmacist (Clinical)
Frieda Tan Peck Lan, Nurse Clinician I
Yusoff Bin Safie, Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

The Long Service Medal 
Adj Assoc Prof Lee Cheng, JP, PPA(G), Vice Chairman, Medical Board (Clinical)
Adj Asst Prof Alex Su Hsin Chuan, Vice Chairman, Medical Board (Clinical Quality) 
Adj Assoc Prof Clare Yeo Kwang Ngee, Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist
Adj Asst Prof Bernardine Woo Siew Choo, Senior Consultant, Developmental Psychiatry
Koh Sok Hian, Assistant Director, Nursing Administration
Wong Chui Ping, Senior Nurse Clinician
Alina Binte Ismail, Senior Nurse Manager
Haridas Jayashree, Senior Assistant Nurse II
M Bindthu Sukumaran Nair, Senior Nurse Clinician
Sng Siok Yen, Nurse Clinician II
Yeoh Ai Lean, Senior Nurse Manager
Yvonne Deborah Tan Shu Ching, Senior Nurse Clinician
Paramesvari W/O Jayaraman, Nurse Clinician I
Rita Tan Kheng Siew, Senior Nurse Clinician
Jurianah Binte Basri, Assistant Nurse Clinician
Mullath Bijuh Sukumaran Nair, Nurse Clinician I

Healthcare Humanity Awards 2020

The Healthcare Humanity Award is a continuing legacy to the Courage Awards that were first given out to healthcare workers in 2003 for their extraordinary courage in curbing the SARS outbreak. This annual award recognises inspirational healthcare workers who go beyond the call of duty to help others. The Honourable Mention Awards recognise outstanding individuals for their selfless commitment to humanitarian efforts to uplift the lives of others.

Cheang Lai Han Audrey
Cheang Lai Han Audrey
Senior Case Manager


Aziz Bin Ab Hamed
Aziz Bin Ab Hamed
Senior Nurse Clinician  



May Day Awards 2019

The May Day Award is organised by the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) to highlight the inclusiveness of the growing labour movement in Singapore. It recognises individuals for embodying the spirit of the Labour Movement through their excellent service and oustanding contributions.

Medal of Commendation 

Chua Hong Choon    

Prof Chua Hong Choon
Chief Executive Officer



Nurses' Merit Award 2021

NMA 2021 Chen Birong 


 NMA 2021 Farhanah Bte Mohammed Rahna 



Chen Birong
Advanced Practice Nurse   
  Farhanah Bte Mohammed Rahna
Principal Assistant Nurse


NMA 2021 Mullath Bijuh Sukumaran Nair    NMA 2021 Zheng He     
Mullath Bijuh Sukumaran Nair
Nurse Clinician
  Zheng He
Nurse Clinician


A member of National Healthcare Group ISO   Comm Chest Award Bronze