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The Aged Psychiatry Community Assessment and Treatment Service (APCATS) is a community-oriented psycho-geriatric outreach service set up in 2006, to provide assessment and treatment for homebound or frail elderly patients with mental disorders.


The APCATS – Regional Eldercare Agencies Partnership (APCATS-REAP) is an extension of APCATS launched in 2008. The aims are to:

  • Extend partnership with community eldercare agencies and primary care practitioners to meet the psychosocial needs of the elderly in the community;
  • Empower the community eldercare agencies and primary care practitioners to manage the elderly with mental disorders through training, consultation and support.
  • Enhance awareness and facilitate early detection of mental disorders in the elderly.

Our team comprises geriatric psychiatrists, medical officers, psychologists, geriatric-psychiatric nurses, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and medical social workers.

We offer customised training programmes targeted to meet the needs of people working with older persons in the community. The programmes will include basic and intermediate modules conducted by the multidisciplinary psychogeriatric team. Certificates of participation will be given to participants for each module completed. For more information on partnerships, please click here.

All trainings are conducted in English, including training materials. For more information, please contact us at the following:

Address:        Contact number: (65) 63892175
APCATS Fax: (65) 64890100
Institute of Mental Health   Email:   apcats@imh.com.sg 
Buangkok Green Medical Park    
10 Buangkok View    
Singapore 539747    

Training Provided

The REAP team provides:

  1. Basic Modules (Full day: 8 hours)

    Identifying Depressive Disorder and Dementia in the Elderly 

    Module 1: Understanding depression and how to screen for depression in the elderly using the EBAS-DEP (Even Briefer Assessment Scale for Depression) [4 hours]
    Module 2: Understanding dementia and how to screen for dementia in the elderly using AMT (Abbreviated Mental Test) [4 hours]
    Module 3: Mental Health First Aid for Older Persons (MHFA-OP)
  2. Intermediate Modules (Half day PM: 4 hours)

    Older Person Wellness and Mental Health Problems in Older Persons 

    The intermediate module is held periodically and covers a whole range of interesting and relevant topics.

    Module 1:   Person-Centered Care (PCC)
    Module 2:   Communication with persons with dementia
    Module 3:   Dementia management II
    Module 4:   Activities for persons with dementia
    Module 5:   Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)
    Module 6:   Legal and ethical issues in dementia and elder abuse
    Module 7:   Memory rehabilitation for early stage dementia
    Module 8:   Understanding loss and grief
    Module 9:   Home safety and fall prevention
    Module 10: Stress and mental well-being
    Module 11: Suicide risk assessment and management
    Module 12: Psychological and emotional well being of elderly
    Module 13: Anxiety disorders in the elderly
    Module 14: Psychotic disorders in the elderly 

      This list is updated periodically.

3.    Support for Eldercare Agencies

      Partnering eldercare agencies on the REAP programme can benefit from the following training privileges:

  • Training package
  • Fast track clinic appointment, applicable to IMH’s psychogeriatric clinics at Clinic B and Community Wellness Clinic (Queenstown)
  • REAP case review

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