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'Mind This Voice' book series

Category : Adult
Editor : Dr Patricia Yap, Dr Daryl Chow, Dr Sharon Lu, Brenda Lee, Shawn Ee, Chermain Wong, Goh Zhengqin
Item Code : 9789810899844


The 'Mind This Voice' book series, which comprises two books, is an inspiring read for anyone who will like to know more about how others find meaning and motivation in the process of healing.

'Mind This Voice: The Write to Recovery'

This is a collection of personal stories and lessons about mental health concerns. Filled with personal stories, artworks and poetry from people who have sought professional help, this book is about ordinary people and their extraordinary quests toward recovery from mental health concerns. Trusted mental health professionals also augment the powerful stories with insightful reflections.  

'Mind this Voice: From Hurtful to Helpful'*

Is it possible for relationships to transform from being hurtful to being helpful? 

A treasure chest of true, intimate and compelling stories, 'From Hurtful to Helpful' chronicles the journeys of individuals who have learnt the value of relationships who have learnt the value of relationships in their recovery from mental health concerns through first-hand experiences. They share with us the painful as well as healing experiences they have had with others and teach us about what makes some relationships hurtful, and others helpful, when a person is suffering psychologically. Trusted mental health professionals also reflect on how to be a caring supporter while journeying along with a troubled loved one. 'From Hurtful to Helpful' provides the wisdom you need to form healing connections with the people in your life.

*Please note that ‘From Hurtful to Helpful’ contains some mature content. Parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.

Interested members of public can email mind_this_voice@imh.com.sg to request for the softcopies of either, or both books. 
Both books are also available for loan at public libraries. 

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