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Dr Daniel Fung, Sally Ang, Joolian Kheng, Serena Lim, Joycelyn Neo
This book is intended for parents to get a comprehensive understanding of the different physical and mental health factors that affect children's learning.
Price: S$ 19.30
Dr Sung Min
This book explores how siblings of special needs children may feel.
Price: S$ 5.35
Sold Out
Ong Say How and Tan Yi Ren
Covers various online addictions that a child or teenager may develop and how to prevent or treat them
Price: S$ 22.50
Dr Ong Say How
This book is about the behavioural problems of Nick.
Price: S$ 5.35
Carolyn Kee
This book is about Alex, who is constantly distracted and has difficulty paying attention.
Price: S$ 5.35
A/Prof Daniel Fung
This book is a story on Siow Leng, a girl who is selectively mute.
Price: S$ 5.35
Sold Out
A/Prof Daniel Fung & Dr Cai Yiming
Raise Your Child Right is a wonderful introduction to the emotional life of the young child.
Price: S$ 15.00
Dr Rebecca Ang, A/Prof Daniel Fung & contributors, Carolyn Kee & Geraldine Wong
This book offers suggestions to develop children's competency to cope with anger.
Price: S$ 23.50
Ms Eirliani Abdul Rahman & A/Prof Daniel Fung
Survivors is a book for anyone interested in understanding about one of the risks of mental illness and the strengths that we find in those who near the scars
Price: S$ 20.00
Teresa Foong
This book is about how fears can interfere with childrens' life and how they can overcome them.
Price: S$ 5.35
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