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Dr Sung Min & Lena Heng
Living with Autism provides important information about this development disorder
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Parvathy Pathy
Living with Discipline Issues offers sensible advice on handling childrens' temper tantrums and effective discipline strategies parents can use at home
Price: S$ 12.00
Poh Chai Hong, Dr Parvathy Pathy
Living with Divorce & Broken Homes details the impact divorce has on the couple & their children
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Bernadine Woo & Geraldine Wong
Living with Grief offers advice on how to help children deal with grief.
Price: S$ 12.00
Ong Li Min, Ong Lue Ping & A/Prof Daniel Fung
This book touches on the developmental issues of children
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Ong Say How
Living with Self-harm Behaviours offers information about self-harm behaviour, which is often misunderstood in society.
Price: S$ 12.00
A/Prof Daniel Fung
Living with Sexuality issues discusses in a frank and the issue of child sexual abuse, pornography and sex addiction, as well as sexual disorders
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Nelson Lee
Living with Stress is a valuable resource for helping parents, teachers or caregivers recognise the symptoms of stress in their children.
Price: S$ 12.00
Sold Out
A/Prof Ng Beng Yong & A/Prof Daniel Fung
This book is a compilation on the developmental health services in Singapore after 1993. The end point of an earlier book "Till the Break of Dawn” that had been written on the history of psychiatry.
Price: S$ 25.00
Prof Kua Ee Heok, A/Prof Rathi Mahendran, A/Prof Daniel Fung
Mind Matters discusses a myriad of mind-related topics with in-depth analysis and candor.
Price: S$ 16.05
A member of National Healthcare Group ISO   Comm Chest Award 2012