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A/Prof Daniel Fung & Carolyn Kee with Dr Rebecca P Ang
This book will prove to be a source of help for anyone who has been affected by depression.
Price: S$ 19.80
Haanusia Prithivi Raj
This workbook incorporates the best and most effective Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques for the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) especially in children and young adults.
Price: S$ 28.00
Sold Out
Dr Rebecca Ang, Dr Ooi Yoon Phaik
Thought this workbook, children are taught a variety of positive coping techniques for problems-solving and anger management via the use of practical strategies, materials, activities and games.
Price: S$ 8.20
Sold Out
Dr Cai Yiming
Living with A.D.H.D offers information about the disorder, the types of treatment and advice on handling hyperactive and inattentive children.
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Daniel Fung, Wong Zi Jun & Koh Hui Li
Living with A.D.H.D offers information on the causes behind anger issues in children and help parents to identify it.
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Sung Min & Lena Heng
Living with Autism provides important information about this development disorder
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Parvathy Pathy
Living with Discipline Issues offers sensible advice on handling childrens' temper tantrums and effective discipline strategies parents can use at home
Price: S$ 12.00
Poh Chai Hong, Dr Parvathy Pathy
Living with Divorce & Broken Homes details the impact divorce has on the couple & their children
Price: S$ 12.00
Dr Bernadine Woo & Geraldine Wong
Living with Grief offers advice on how to help children deal with grief.
Price: S$ 12.00
Ong Li Min, Ong Lue Ping & A/Prof Daniel Fung
This book touches on the developmental issues of children
Price: S$ 12.00
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