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Rehabilitation Psychiatry Services provides a comprehensive programme to assist persons with severe and persistent mental illness. These persons have deficits in social functions due to their cognitive impairment. IMH's rehabilitation programmes are designed to help these persons meet their individual needs and recover from their illnesses. The recovery process focuses on their ability to use alternative strategies to cope with their illnesses,  to maintain social relationships, and to be gainfully employed.



  • Symptom Management
  • Medication Management
  • Basic Conversational Skills
  • Community Reintegration


Symptom Management
Symptom management teaches mental patients to identity and manage warning signs and to stop or minimise the effects of an impending relapse. Patients also learn to identify and cope with persistent or residual symptoms. This helps to empower patients to better manage their illness and regain control over their lives.


Medication Management
Medication management teaches patients to be interested in and knowledgeable about their medication. Specifically, patients are taught correct self-administration and evaluation of their medicine's effects, including side effects. Patients learn how to seek information and negotiate with health-care professionals over the management of their medication.


Basic Conversational Skills
The Basic Conversational Skill module is a systematic and structured educational programme. Patients with long-term mental illnesses learn to communicate effectively with a wide range of people.

It teaches five essential skills, which include:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication behaviours
  • Starting a friendly conversation
  • Keeping a friendly conversation going
  • Ending a conversation pleasantly, and
  • Putting it all together

Community Reintegration
The community reintegration module comprises 8 sessions where patients get to visit various places and facilities, which will be important to them as they go back to living in the community. They will be introduced to the places where psychiatric support is available, such as the SAMH Oasis Day Centre, Bukit Gombak Group Home, and Club 3R. They will also be familiarised with banks, post offices and other public services. They also learn how to take public transport. They will also be taught the importance of money management.

Stepping Stones Connects

Stepping Stones Connects is a support group for caregivers of patients with psychiatric illness. It aims to provide information and knowledge on psychiatric illness, medication, general management of difficult behaviours and resources available. Families are encouraged to share the unique challenges they face and the coping strategies they use in caring for their loved ones.

For more details on Caregiver Support Programmes, please visit www.sgfamilycaregivers.com 

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