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Emergency Services

IMH’s 24-hour Emergency Services provides urgent assessment and treatment for those who experience acute difficulties in their mental health at any time of the day. Upon your consultation, our multidisciplinary team will carefully and systematically assess your condition.


Waiting Time

After registration and screening, our staff will inform you of the estimated waiting time. Depending on the severity of your condition, you will be seen according to your risks, needs and condition. While each case is important to us, the emergency department will have to attend to acute cases first. 

Peak Periods

The peak periods at our Emergency Services is between 11am and 7pm. Due to the high patient volume, there may be a longer waiting time to see the doctor. 

Consultation and Treatment

Observation Ward
You admitted to the Observation Ward located within the Emergency Services. After the period of observation and treatment, your treating team will decide on the next course of action, such as further inpatient care or outpatient appointments 

If there is a need for more intensive treatment, you will be admitted to the respective wards in the hospital. 

For further enquiries, please contact our Emergency Hotline at 6389 2003 / 6389 2004.

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